Python or Ruby which is better?

It seems like they are about equally used, but neither are that common for websites (at least compared to PHP).



  • 3 weeks ago

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  • 3 months ago

I choose Ruby! ex, my website: cookie clicker



  • 1 year ago

I say ha ha...They are different, I would not being able to say which one is better. Both are fast, efficient with a big community.
Python is the obvious choice when it comes to computing and processing a lot of data. Ruby on the other hand will be perfect when you need a rapid prototyping of traffic-heavy applications.
Concerning web development, both Ruby and Python have powerful frameworks (Rails for Ruby and Django for Python). Ruby is popular and flexible with a very strong community always on the edge of development. Python's framework is preferred to create web applications and has the advantage of being easier to learn.


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