CryptoTrade - Bitcoin Investment Platform


CryptoTrade Is an Online Bitcoin Trading Platform. Its Fully Responsive & Dynamic Bitcoin Investment Platform Made with Laravel Framework. Now Its Easy to Create your own Bitcoin / Crypto Currency / Currency Investment Platform. Its Just a Matter of five minutes to start your own Investment website. Happy Trading….

User Features:

⚝ Fully Responsive Design.
⚝ User Friendly – Easy to Use System.
⚝ Easy To contact.
⚝ Easy Signup & Signin.
⚝ High Secure User Dashboard.
⚝ ANTI-FRAUD Registration System.
⚝ Informative USER Panel.
⚝ Total Deposite History.
⚝ Total Earning History.
⚝ Total Profit History.
⚝ A to Z Activity Logs.
⚝ Automated Add Fund System.
⚝ Add Fund Via Bank.
⚝ A to Z Fund Add Report.
⚝ Manage Investment.
⚝ Investment History.
⚝ Profit History.
⚝ Manage Withdraw.
⚝ Reference Income Facility.
⚝ Support Perfect Money.
⚝ Support PayPal.
⚝ Support Master Card (Stripe).
⚝ Support Bitcoin.
⚝ SEO Friendly URL.
⚝ And More…

Admin Features:

⚝ A to Z Dynamic Admin Panel.
⚝ 100% Secure Login.
⚝ Investment Plan Management.
⚝ WithDraw Method Management.
⚝ Activity Logs Management.
⚝ Total Withdraw History.
⚝ A to Z Deposite History.
⚝ Total Profit History.
⚝ Bank Account Management.
⚝ Unlimited Bank Account.
⚝ Total USER Management.
⚝ Block / Unblock Facility.
⚝ Payment Method Management.
⚝ News Category Management.
⚝ News Management.
⚝ NewsLetter Management.
⚝ Investment compound management.
⚝ Full Website SETUP.
⚝ General Setup.
⚝ Promo MSG Management.
⚝ Testimonial Management.
⚝ Menu Management.
⚝ Slider Management.
⚝ Web-Page & Content Management.
⚝ And More….....

Script Comes With:

  • Excellent support with a fast response rate.
  • Fix any bugs or broken content.
  • Help get you setup and installed!
  • Secure Database that uses prepared statements so no SQL Injection!
  • Protects against CSRF attacks!
  • HTML Filter to protect against XSS attacks!
  • Built using the latest Strong LARAVEL Framework.
  • Passwords are encrypted By bcrypt encryption.
  • You should need GMP Extension to run it.

  • Demo Access:

    Demo Frontend: http://centric.thesoftking.com/cryptotrade

    Admin Access: http://centric.thesoftking.com/cryptotrade/admin
    Demo Admin ID: admin
    Demo Admin Pass: admin

    Release Log (V2.1 – 18 Mar 21)

     - SMTP system added
     - Updated to laravel 7
     - Recaptcha added
     - Modern Design
     - Best UX
     - Google analytics
     - Error fix
     - Multiple Language Support
     - Tawk.to Live Chat
     - Support Ticket
     - 2FA Verification
     - SEO Manager
     - Powerfull Admin Panel
     - Template base email and sms system

    Update Logs: (27-02-19):

    Payment system updated.
    Transaction issue solve.
    New payment method added.
    Template issues solve.
    Payment disable issues solve.
    Bugs Solve, ERROR Solve.
    Security Updated

    Update Log’s (13-04-18):

    Add "Block.io" as Deposit Method

    Update Log’s (17-02-18):

    New Template Added.
    Mobile Version Issue Solve.
    Responsive Issue Solve.
    Security Updated.
    Easy Installer Added.

    Update Log’s (20-10-17):

    Package Terminate System Added.
    News Update Bugs Solve.
    User Activity System Added.
    Investment Log's Added.
    Bank Payment Proof Upload System.

    Update Log’s (21-09-17):

    Registration More Easy & Secure.
    Reference System Updated.
    General Settings Updated.
    Bitcoin API Updated.
    Admin Security Updated.
    2x Fast Then Past.
    Security Updated.

    Support Facility:

    Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer support request, customization project and any other queries to our dedicated support: [email protected]
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