ePump - Petrol Pump Management System

Our Petrol Pump Management System provides everything you need to enhance your Fuel business. Our Appliction is designed to manage Petrol Pump. Our application is built using latest technology & built with simple and easy user flow. It contains all the reporting & forms that are required to Manage a Petrol Pump. Our application is available on premise and completely safe from fraudulent activities. With our petrol pump software, you can have complete insight into your profitability, inventory and cash flow.

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Demo Access:

Frontend: http://pump.thesoftking.com/

Admin Access: http://pump.thesoftking.com/admin

Admin Login: User & Pass: admin

Seller Access: http://pump.thesoftking.com/seller

Seller Login: User: seller@gmail.com & Pass: seller

Frontend Features:

-- Responsive Design.
-- Easy Contact Menu.
-- Service Dashboard.
-- Service Details.
-- Pump Information.
-- Social Linkup.
-- SEO Friendly URL.
-- Company Information.
-- Fuel Information.
-- Service Time Details.
-- And More....

Backend Features ( Billing ):

-- Secure Admin Login.
-- Multiple Admin Features.
-- Informative Dashboard.
-- Fuel Management.
-- Fuel Price Management.
-- Machine Management.
-- Machine Reading Management.
-- Start Reading Management.
-- End Reading Management.
-- Total Reading Management.
-- Total Income Report.
-- Expense Management.
-- Expense Report.
-- Matchine Information.
-- Multiple Machine Create.
-- Multiple Machine Management.
-- Total Fuel Sell Report.
-- Fuel Stock Report.
-- Employe Management.
-- Employe Sale's Details.
-- Employe Sale's Account.
-- Build-In Invoice Generator.
-- Currency Management.
-- Support Multiple Currency.
-- Invoice Management.
-- OneClick A to Z Invoice.
-- Total Income Report.
-- Website Management Panel.
-- Partner Management.
-- Home Page Management.
-- Menu Management.
-- Menu Content Management.
-- Social Linkup Management.

Employe Feature’s:

-- Secure Employe Panel.
-- A to Z Sell History.
-- Employe Machine Reading.
-- Employe Sale's Report.
-- Employe Sale's Invoice.
-- Printable Invoice Facility.
-- Create Buyer.

Support Facility:

Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer support request, customization project and any other queries to our dedicated support: admin@thesoftking.com


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