MicroJob - Micro Job Freelancing Platform


MicroJob is an innovative online platform that connects Employers and Workers from around the world. Our unique system guarantees Employers that a task paid is a task successfully done, while Workers that successfully complete a job get paid. MicroJob gives businesses and developers access to an on-demand scalable workforce. Workers can work at home and make Money. its Built to be beautiful, fast and powerful. its comes with a one-click installer that’s help to install our system within 5 minutes without any technical knowledge. We also offer FREE installation facility to those people who have Cpanel Based Hosting. so, if you are a non-technical person then don’t worry, we are here to assist you.

User Features:

Cross Browser Optimized Website.
⚟ Informative Index.
Multi-Language Facility.
⚟ Latest Job & Freelancer Section.
⚟ Social Link Enable.
⚟ Easy Login / Registration.
⚟ Statistic Based User Dashboard.
⚟ All Available Job.
⚟ Complete Jobs.
⚟ Campaign Creation Facility.
⚟ Pending Job Review Facility.
⚟ Approved / Denny Facility.
20+ Automated Deposit Method.
⚟ Complete Deposit History.
⚟ Easy to Withdrawal Income.
⚟ Withdraw History.
⚟ Profile Management.
⚟ And More…..

Admin Features:

⚟ Secure Admin Dashboard.
Campaigns Category Management.
⚟ Campaigns Management.
⚟ Campaigns Charge Management.
⚟ Campaigns Log.
⚟ Withdraw System Management.
Withdraw Methods Management.
⚟ Withdraw Requests Management.
⚟ Withdraw Log.
Member Management.
⚟ Announcement Management.
Deposits Management.
⚟ Gateways Management.
⚟ Deposit History.
⚟ FrontEnd Management.
⚟ Contact Management.
⚟ Social Settings.
⚟ Term Settings.
Policy Settings.
⚟ Faq Setting.
⚟ Login + Signup Management.
⚟ Footer Management.
Language Manager.
⚟ Advertisement Management.
⚟ General Settings.
⚟ Basic Settings.
⚟ Email Settings.
SMS Settings.
⚟ And More…..

Script Comes With:

  • Excellent support with a fast response rate.
  • Fix any bugs or broken content.
  • Help get you setup and installed!
  • Secure Database that uses prepared statements so no SQL Injection!
  • Protects against CSRF attacks!
  • HTML Filter to protect against XSS attacks!
  • Built using the latest Strong LARAVEL Framework.
  • Passwords are encrypted By bcrypt encryption.
  • We Offer FREE Installation Service for Cpanel Based Hosting Only.
  • No Refund If Item has been Downloaded.

  • Demo Access:

    Frontend: http://lab.thesoftking.com/microjobs/
    Admin Access: http://lab.thesoftking.com/microjobs/admin
    Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: admin

    Support Facility:

    Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer support request, customization project and any other queries to our dedicated support: [email protected]
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