Data Center

We are offering multiple server locations around the globe. All of them are in state-of-the-art data centers with multiple-homes premium bandwidth providers, N+1 power redundancy, and dozens of UPS to keep you online.

Our Data Centers

You can choose the location of your server among our top-tier datacenters, located in royal place in the world, to optimize speed and delivery to your audience.

Dallas Data Center

Our network consists of 10G links to InterNAP & Level3. These are multi-homed by InterNap's FCP hardware, which ensures that the route your data takes, is absolutely the best performing route possible. And it does this in real-time! It's simply the best way to multi-home there is. Our entire network is cloud protected via Voxility.

Atlanta Data Center

Premium Blend of Transit Providers Including Comcast, Cogent, NTT, and Digital Realty ATL (TIE) with routing optimized across our national network. 100% Network uptime since 2016 commissioning. 260Gbps network capacity. Privately peered with 300+ networks and DDoS protected.

Los Angeles Data Center

Conveniently located in downtown Los Angeles near One Wilshire. Multipe top tier Network Transit Providers including Century Link, Comcast, Verizon, NTT, Zayo, AT&T, Telia, and Cogent. Access to 1000 major internet hubs. Diverse cable routes and paths.

Tampa Data Center

Premium Blend of Transit Providers Level 3, Century Link, Telia Carrier, Cogent, Hurricane Electric, NTT, and peering fabrics NOTA and FLIX. 382Gbps network capacity with premium DDoS protected

Utah Data Center

The Ogden, Utah network consists of top of the line cisco ASR 9010 routers, route optimization by Noction IRP and providers including Level3 Communications, Telia, GTT, Cogent, HE.net / Hurricane electric, Links back to Los Angeles network as well.

Singapore Data Center

As a central network hub in the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore is a strategic data center location. Setting up an IT infrastructure in the region helps you reach one of the most proliferous digital market in the world. Positioned in the vicinity of the city center and all major internet exchange points to ensure top clas connectivity.

Amsterdam Data Center

Amsterdam data center provides a gateway to all major internet connectivity points in Europe. For organizations catering to European markets or looking to improve their presence in specific regions of Europe, Amsterdam location offers the necessary IT resources for accelerated growth.

Frankfurt Data Center

Frankfurt data center provides a gateway to all major internet connectivity points in Europe. High Availability, Access to Multiple IX's and a huge Backup Power makes it the best possible choice for this region.