Stated in 2011 Till Now



We start our journey at 2011. On that time we just have a name. we planning to provide domain and hosting service on local market. We just have adomain name only, nothing else.



We were newbe on tech market of Bangladesh. We hardly able to provide domain and hosting service to few clinets. But that was not enough for us to maintain our company.



At that time, there were a lot of domain hosting service provider on Bangladeshi market. An unique Idea can change everything. For that we started focusing on software and app development.



It was essential to change our business strategy. We stop providing service to local market and searching for something unique.




We involved with envato market and start working with codecanyon. Our first codecanyon item was approved on 2015. It something like dream turn into reality.



After we got approved our first item on codecanyon, in one year , we submitted over 40 items on codecanyon. We started getiing response from around the globe.



Almost 200 item approved on envato. We think about work on Themeforrest and our first HTML template got approved in 2017, after a hard work of 03 months.




3 of our Envato Account reached Level 6 at 2018. Currently we have 250+ item on envato. We expand our working area. We are working on Laravel, HTML Templates, WordPress Themes, Mobile Apps, Plugin & Extension. Now we are woking with different people, compnay and marketplace around the globe.