Why Should You Use SMS Notification System For Your Website?

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Certainly, having the right information and the proper communication with the client makes any business waking to the top. When you have a website, then you should add an SMS notification system for the website. Does it seem to bring confusion for you? Let me clear that out. Today, we will discuss- Why Should you use the SMS Notification System for your website!


For New User Registration: If you have an eCommerce website, then for the new user registration you should ask for a unique mobile number that is not already registered to your system. This way, you also have your potential client's phone number in your database for direct communication.


Forget Password: If your website user forgets the user id or password, then the use of the mobile number to receive OTP for the password is smart and people love it rather than clicking on a link in the email.


Extra Layer of Security: Adding a mobile number will act as an extra layer of protection. Like Google two-factor authentication. If someone knows your user id and password, they can't log-in into the account until the OTP received will be added.


Communication: The communication with your client will be easy and because it's automated, you don't need to type every time. Just set up some basic messages and you are good to go.


Tracking: Via, mobile number, your client may receive the tracking information about the product he/she purchased. The automated system can be setuped this way, like- if someone buys something from you, they will receive the tracking info automatically when it's shipped, delivered, for any dispute, etc.


Marketing: Using the SMS system, you can target a potential wide customer base that you yet to be received. Just put the phone number list, add the 160 character message, and hit send. Every website is doing this marketing strategy.


Customization: If you have an SMS Notification System for your website, you can use that to send a custom message to different countries or demographics. That you can relate to your clients very easily.


Read Rate: For email, that will be lost on the names, and filtered by the email provider. But the SMS is directly going to the user's inbox. Research shows any SMS has a 98% read rate probability. This is an unbelievable number as per the marketing policy. So, when you want your client should read your message, you need to add and use the SMS system on your website.


Cheap Way of Communication: In $1, you may buy 500 international SMS for your website. The pricing should be as per the integration of your website. Its the cheapest way of communicating with the clients, make a new one, provide product updates, etc.  Though email is free, but the reading rate is less than 10%.


Bulk Purchase: Yes, its a cheap way of communication and it can be brought in bulk numbers, like- 50K, 100K, 500K SMS for your website. When you are buying bulk, you are also paying considerably less than 1000 SMS packs. This will save you lots of money.


So, now you know, what are the benefits of integrating SMS notification system to your website. The bank websites always use this technology for their clients. Its time for you to use it if you have no SMS notification system on your website.